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“Jason Jabar was very motivated to get things done. He took on a very complicated situation that lasted almost 2 years with no money down. He prepared and mailed all necessary documents, while communicating with special courts out of state. Just to give you an idea of the complications the police report implicated the pedestrian was at fault and the driver did nothing wrong. Even after that he remained positive and discovered key factors that could not be denied.

He always returned my calls or emails asap or by the end of the day guaranteed. Jason Jabar is a excellent lawyer.”

Wrongful Death Client

“They are in the community, they live here and they support the community and they care about you.  They were very professional and very knowledgeable of the case and what it took to solve it. He’s made me feel very at ease. He took care of everything, just the way he said he would. If you are in need of an attorney to represent you, I certainly would recommend Jabar & Associates.”

Personal Injury Client

“I’m not going to say he felt my pain, but he understood.  And he fought for me with everything he could. I couldn’t’ have been happier. I’d hire him again in a heartbeat.

Jason always got back to me. He always let me know what was going on.  I can’t thank them enough, everybody in this office. They all seemed to care and they all were all considerate. That’s a wonderful feeling when you’re somebody that’s in a bad place, that needs a team to help you.  This is the team.”

Personal Injury Client

“It’s not just about the case.  It’s about the person, and when the person is hurt, he’s very very understanding about everything that goes on with it; the doctors, the surgery. Nobody could have done any better than Jason did.  It was really a hard case, it involved a lot of depositions because the insurance companies didn’t want to pay.  They wanted to say it was my fault or just a bad accident.  And like I said he never backed down.”

Personal Injury Client

“Very comfortable with him and if I had ever had any questions I could call him on the phone. And if he wasn’t there and I would leave him a message and he would call back within that day. I would recommend Jason to anybody. He was more than fair to me and up front with me and told me not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but he told me what was right.”

Personal Injury Client

“I don’t know that any other attorney would have taken so much upon  himself, no only to do the work, but to motivate me to help him do the work.  And he did!! Smart, personable, experienced – what more could you want.”

Personal Injury Client